Megan Morton may well have been born to shop. Her Grandmother met her grandfather behind the counter at a shop (a chocolate shop in Kensington, Sydney) Megan grew up on a banana farm in Queensland (about 100 k's away from the shops!). Moving to Sydney she located herself immediately near the shops and subsequently met a lovely Englishman who had shops (and later married him). She did the first pop up shop in Australia for Harpers Bazaar magazine ten years ago and has her own online shop that speaks to her highly awarded Best Designed Book of The Year, THINGS I LOVE. Her job as a stylist is as close a profession to shopper as you can get. These days she finds great comfort shopping also in Belgium (great kids clothed), Paris (objects to kill for), London (well priced design when you know where to look for it) and New York (stationery and paper is a plus here). In her profession, she is known as a fabulous shopper, picking the eyes out of merchandise and brining new life to it in her pictures. She is called on not only to write but to style homes, interior and food imagery, but to apply her eye to larger then life events.

A leader in her field, her popularity can be attributed to her love of unconventional colour, strong imagery and over 20 years of styling experience. She has written three books on the topic, done countless houses and created special occasions and successful advertising campaigns using her signature visual persuasion. Her instagram is at a staggering 15k based on her daily view on life and her passion project The School has featured in the newspaper, countless television spots and is highly googable business that continues to match people with stylist secrets.